I couldn't imagine anything better to start this blog/photography diary than one of the bands with more projection in the national music scene.

They are Barbott, an alternative indie-rock band from Barcelona, and they just launched their first LP "Curves" after two very successfull EPs: "Margarita" and "Games for Two".

I have been following them since the very beginning and, actually, my first concert pictures were from them:

 Barbott @ FM UAB, 2012

Barbott @ FM UAB, 2012


We both started our careers in 2012 and have been growing up together since them. I've seen them in many places as Be Cool (Barcelona), City Hall (Barcelona), Espai Jove Fontana (Barcelona)... and I've taken them with me to our first festival: Mashroom Culture Festival and most recently to my second home, Dreamsea Surf Camp:

As soon as I realized that I was coming back to Barcelona right in time for their concert I couldn't believe it, I had to be there. 

It's Thursday, 21:15h, and I'm meeting them in the backstage. It's impossible to have a normal conversation with them, they make a joke every 3 sentences, but after 4 years I'm pretty used to it. 21:40h: group hug and it's time to start. 

They performed one of the best concerts so far and you could see looking at the public. Everyone moved their ass off till the end of the concert.

Thank you guys for bringing the good music back to the city.

Check them out on Spotify: